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So, it happened yet again. I’ve been the proud keeper of a blog since about 2001, when in a flurry of internet activity, a bunch of my friends and I all went out and registered domains and they were then hosted by one of our group.

Back in those days, web authoring was the wild west. I mean, things weren’t database driven, and every little entry was its own html file, complete with all the code. It was a messy learning experience for me, trying to figure out how to add a menu with little graphic buttons that would change if the mouse hovered over them or if they were clicked. It was a personal triumph when I figured out how to add a site counter to tell me how many people had visited my home page (link to anywhere else, and I was out of luck). But it was all okay. Everyone was happy to learn and visit one another’s sites to learn about what was going on and read what we were thinking at the time. I loved that kind of narrative. When blogs were a good representation of a life well lived, I completely adored reading them.

All that sorta ended. I want to blame Facebook, but I think it happened before then. I guess the desire to write sorta faded for most of us. We went from writing in our blogs to writing privately to not writing at all. In the end, it seemed there wasn’t too much to say, and what little there was didn’t require a blog, especially with the advent of places like livejournal or blogger which was good enough for most and removed all the overhead of maintaining a site at the expense of monetizing your thoughts. And then Facebook came and it was completely game over. That place just kept on growing until everyone was there, and not only did they monetize your thoughts, they found novel ways to target you and sell you too. But no one cared. It was easy, and once the iPhone came along and apps were all the rage, ubiquitous.

All through this though, I kept up my blog. It went through long fallow periods, and the readership was pretty well nil after a time, and remains so. But I always liked the idea of a space that was mine on the web.

Ironically, given how much of a nostalgia freak and data hoarder I am, I was never really good at archiving my blog stuff, and anytime something changed, I lost almost everything. The early writings weren’t compatible with the new database-driven blogs, and then I had to switch servers, and then I got profoundly hacked, and then I had a change of heart and wanted to take all my stuff down and burn it because it was crap. Each time, thousands of words were just–gone. All the virtual ink dried up and blew away.

The bad news is, it’s happened again. My host these last 12 or 13 years stopped hosting, so I had to go. For a while there, I wasn’t even sure I’d maintain a web presence at all going forward.

My writings have both gotten completely out of hand (I write so much–it’s sorta nuts), and gone completely underground. I publish nearly nothing of what I write. I find it’s better that way. This way, no one I hope to impress will ever wonder if I’m a good bet based on my writings, and no one ever challenges my thoughts, which is also good; while I like to debate, I don’t like being attacked, and that happened a lot. I like to just write without judgement as it helps me to work out stuff in my own little cranium, and I like to keep a record of my days, which can be of zero interest to anyone but me. Also, I don’t want the Facebooks of the world to index and sell me and my readership. I decided a couple years ago that I knew Facebook’s uses, and they were few. I don’t want to blog there; if anything, I want a quiet, clean, ad-free, non deus ex-machina way to share content. Given all that, the end, it seemed, was nigh.

The good news is, I was able to keep it going after all. Tudor stepped in, and with a wave of his tech savvy hand and gracious generosity was able to help me set something up again so I didn’t have to leave the world of the interwebz. I know it’s not going to impact anyone (I don’t think anyone noticed I was down for a good month and a half), but it’s really nice to have a space.

So if you’re reading, hi there. I don’t have a lot to share, but what’s here is pretty safe, and I hope a lot nicer to read. If you want to know my public thoughts, here they are.


Oh, one of the things I did do, however, was in spite of the fact that my archive from 2009 to 2016 survived, I decided to have a fresh start. It’s here for posterity, but it’s not public. Maybe I can change this out a little to be more about my adventures, even if they are only as far as my back garden.


Seems like the blog is back. I will post something more interesting soon, I hope. 🙂